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Current Version: 257.5

* Client-side: Added in support for localized Explorer Note subtitles in non-English languages. Will require actual translations being added for the Explorer Notes (which we hope to include in the coming days) before you'll see anything, though translators can use this build to experiment and see the results of their Explorer Note localizations in-game.

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Update 257.48-9

v257.49 - Server-side: Fixed incorrect collision on TheCenter, and various other misc map issues. - Fixed a timing related issue with Dino Uploads on Cross ARK Transfers. Requires Server Update. v257.48 - Fixed issue with Turret auto-targeting.

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Classic Flyers Mod Updates

Added new features to the Flyer Totem. It has a new server variable to allow a culling session to start when the totem first appears. It also has new visuals to let you know when its going through a culling cycle and allows you to perform a manual culling at any time through its radial menu.

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257.45 – Yes another update…

Here's what we know... Current Version: v257.4 - Fixed "Downloading" alternate Survivors behavior when travelling Cross-ARK - Engram Prerequisites now unlock properly - Fixed some small possibility of client crashes when unloading streaming levels - Queen Bees no longer die if you deal too much damage to smashing hives, nor do they lose affinity when [...]

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We apologize for all the patches today.  ARK has decided to release an asinine number of updates today back to back.  To make matters worse they've released no patch notes to show why.  Thanks for your patience.

By |2017-05-08T20:14:35-04:00May 8th, 2017|ARK|0 Comments

PC v258.0, ETA: May 30

New Weapon: Harpoon Gun New Dino: Hyaenodon New Dino: Hesperornis New Dino: Megatherium New Dino: Megalania New Dino: Yutyrannus 2 New Hairstyles Optimizations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memory reductions, texture memory & mesh optimization, and performance gains via GPU and CPU utilization & threading improvements. Various bug fixes TBA

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