These guides are a collection we found from various fansites, forums and youtube.

Many of these guides came from BDFoundry, an awesome group of people working very hard to bring you guides to help you succeed.

Every guide has been listed with the written permission from the author/creator.

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Guide to the Advanced Life Skill Quests

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Pets , Ships and Horses

Pets are a must!

  • Cats – detects gathering resources in your vicinity
  • Dogs – detects a flagged player in your vicinity
  • Hawks – marks elite mobs in your vicinity with a beam of light
  • Penguins – increases auto fishing speed
  • Desert Fox – reduces heatstroke/hypothermia debuff in the desert


BlackDesertFoundry reports that, “Zodiac signs effect the personality of your character and are influential when using story exchange with NPCs.”

Cupcake Thunder’s Map of Tree Density


All Current Traders and Their Locations by grendlinn


Armor Guide – Click Picture to Zoom In